Contract for the Project State-Region (2015-2020)

NUMERIc innovations for Citizen

Partners in the NUMERIC Programme – digital innovations to the service of Citizens of the State-Region Project contract, 2015-2020: The laboratories of the Math-STIC MIRES Federation, FR 3423, of the MSHS Service and Research Unit, USR 3565, the Juriscope Joint Service Unit, UMS 2268, the teams from the SPI PPRIME Institute, UPR 9028, associated with transfer structures, local businesses in digital economy, start-ups and Poitou-Charentes Region Training Organizations.


This programme aims to develop new digital devices to allow any citizen, expert or not in any field, to create, manipulate and/or distribute digital content easily, safely, on various technical media, whatever the formats, including in the contexts of mobility.


It is built around two axis and material and software platforms dedicated to applications:

Theme: Promotion of contents for e-Services

(In connection with the INSECT programme)

e-Education / e-Training

e-Creation / e-Culture

e-Heritage / e-Tourism

e-Administration / Cybersecurity

Theme: Quality Resources Centre for transport, sustainable construction, environment and health

(Related to Transportation, Sustainable Building, ECONAT, HaBiSan programmes)

CeMOP: Optical Metrology Centre, Poitou-Charentes

DexRoboC: Platform dedicated to DEXtre manipulation and collaborative robotics

POMAC: Platform of Observation and Modelling of Human Activities in Coastal area

SMARTIC: Intelligent Sensor Networks

Budget: This programme has a budget of 2.5 million euros.

MSHS role in the project: Scientific steering is provided by the director of the Math-STIC MIRES Federation, who is assisted by a steering committee of scientific experts and regional actors; and the technical and administrative coordination is conducted by the General Secretary of the MSHS. The MSHS also makes the project benefit from its financial staff, its computer equipment manager and its head of technology platforms.

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