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YOUNG CONSUMERS - Editor's Special Issue on the CTC 2012 International Conference




Young Consumers - Editor’s special issue on CTC 2012

Volume 15, Number 1, 2014



Editorial - Brian Young

Young people as company stakeholders? Moving beyond CSR… - Valérie-Inés de La Ville

Strategies of children and parents during shopping for groceries - Vanessa Haselhoff , Ulya Faupel , Hartmut H. Holzmüller

Big demand(s), small supply – Muslim children in Italian school canteens: a cultural perspective - Roberta Giovine

International Journal of Advertising **Special Issue** « Children and Advertising » (forthcoming)


The International Journal of Advertising is planning a forthcoming special issue devoted to Children and Advertising. The primary goal of this special issue is to enhance current knowledge pertaining to the interface of advertising and children. Authors have been strongly encouraged to submit interdisciplinary workthat embraces theories and methods from diverse disciplines such as psychology, anthropology, sociology, marketing, mass communication, and media & broadcasting.

Editors of the special issue:

Journal of Consumer Affairs **Special Issue** « The New Era in Consumer Protection Regulation » (forthcoming)


In the aftermath of the global financial crisis of 2008-2009, strengthening consumer protections has become a widely publicized cornerstone of financial regulatory reform in the United States and elsewhere. Less often discussed are the myriad changes in consumer protections in other sectors of the consumer economy over the past decade – in health care, food safety, tobacco and toys to name but a few. Moreover, many of the new consumer financial protections were contemplated and designed prior to the unfolding of the financial crisis.

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