CTC 2014   «Being, Becoming, Belonging »

Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Child and Teen Consumption – 6th International Conference was held at the University of Edinburgh Business School.

 9 – 11 APRIL 2014

The 6th International CTC conference, sadly, is now over. It was an enjoyable and captivating conference with so many very interesting research studies presented. Thanks to all of those who presented their work and to all who attended the conference. Your contribution to the success of the conference was invaluable and we hope to see you all again in April 2016 in Aalborg, Denmark.

A very special thank you to David, Stéphanie and their team for their warm welcome and impeccable organisation, and the wonderful glimpse of Edinburgh they gave us.

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Our 2014 theme, Being, Becoming and Belonging, was based on the argument that children and young people are human beings as well as human becomings. This means that academics, practitioners and policy makers need to understand the current lived experience of children and young people as well as their development and potential.

Over the three days, we explored what being a young consumer means, and how various consumption practices relate to children’s sense of self. We also considered processes of becoming – cognitive, social, cultural, moral, and historical aspects of children’s development as consumers. We also examined the importance to children and young people of belonging – to families, peers, and wider communities, online and offline – for their current and future wellbeing and for their potential to be realised. Belonging also relates to important debates about inclusion, exclusion and integration, and about children’s rights, competencies and vulnerabilities. These issues were addressed in individual papers and explored through discussion within and beyond the conference sessions.

Given the global importance of these issues, we were delighted to receive submissions from 28 countries, and to welcome presenters exploring child and teen consumption in relation to these themes.


Keynote speakers:

Gary Cross, Penn State University

Patti Valkenburg, University of Amsterdam

Agnes Nairn, EM Lyon Business School

Sonia Livingstone, London School of Economics

Allison James, University of Sheffield