School Business. Comment l'argent dynamite le système éducatif - Arnaud Parienty


Lorsque après avoir enseigné en ZEP l’auteur est muté dans le lycée prestigieux d’un quartier chic, il découvre à quel point l’école est gangrenée par l’argent. Quand on a été élevé dans l’idée que l’école française se devait d’être publique, gratuite et méritocratique, c’est un vrai choc culturel.

Participatory Research with Children and Young People - Susan Groundwater-Smith, Sue Dockett and Dorothy Bottrell


This book sets out a clear framework for conducting participatory research with children and young people within a discussion of the rights of the child. Through extensive case studies and a close review of contemporary literature, in relation to early childhood through to late adolescence, the book serves as a critical guide to issues in participative research for students and researchers.
The book includes chapters on:

Tweening the girl : The crystallization of the Tween Market - Nathalie Coulter


Tweening the Girl challenges the argument that the tween market began in the mid-1990s. It was actually during the 1980s that young girls were given the label «tweens» and were heralded by marketers, and subsequently the news media, as one of «capitalism’s most valuable customers». Tweening the Girl expertly traces the emergence of the tween during this era as she slowly became known to the consumer marketplace as a lucrative customer, market, and audience.

Journal of Consumer Affairs **Special Issue** « The New Era in Consumer Protection Regulation » (forthcoming)


In the aftermath of the global financial crisis of 2008-2009, strengthening consumer protections has become a widely publicized cornerstone of financial regulatory reform in the United States and elsewhere. Less often discussed are the myriad changes in consumer protections in other sectors of the consumer economy over the past decade – in health care, food safety, tobacco and toys to name but a few. Moreover, many of the new consumer financial protections were contemplated and designed prior to the unfolding of the financial crisis.