Worried about the wrong things. Youth, risk and opportunity in the digital world - Jacqueline Ryan Vickery - 2017 - MIT Press




Why media panics about online dangers overlook another urgent concern: creating equitable online opportunities for marginalized youth.

Framing Internet Safety. The Governance of Youth Online - Nathan W. Fisk - 2016 - MIT Press




Author: Nathan W. Fisk

An examination of youth Internet safety as a technology of governance, seen in panics over online pornography, predators, bullying, and reputation management.

In this nuanced and thoughtful book, Nathan Fisk carefully sifts through the headlines, 'expert' commentary, and evidence to explore how Internet safety has become a key site of struggle over the power to determine children's opportunities and to control their agency.

Celebrity fans and their consumer behaviour: autoethnographic insights into the life of a fan - Markus Wohlfeil - 2018 - Routledge




Ever since the dawn of the Hollywood star system in the early 1920s, consumers have been fascinated by film stars and other celebrities and their seemingly glamorous private lives. The public demand for celebrities has become so pervasive that it is arguably an essential element of our everyday culture and market economy, and the focus of increasing study.

Childhood and tween girl culture: family, media and locality - Fiona MacDonald - 2017 - Palgrave Macmillan