Authors: Gildart, K., Gough-Yates, A., Lincoln, S., Osgerby, B., Robinson, L., Street, J., Webb, P., Worley, M. (Eds.)


This book provides new perspectives on why young people rebel, revolt and riot. It focuses on the specific role played by forms of youth culture in acts of disobedience and deviancy. It examines a wide range of case studies, from the private spaces of the teenage bedroom to the public streets of riot-torn Bristol.

This book brings together historians, sociologists and social scientists to examine aspects of youth culture. The book’s themes are riots, music and gangs, connecting spectacular expression of youthful disaffection with everyday practices. By so doing, Youth Culture and Social Change maps out new ways of historicizing responses to economic and social change: public unrest and popular culture.


Siân Lincoln, Matthew Worley, Anna Gough-Yates,(Eds) (2017), Youth culture and social change. making a difference by making a noise. Palgrave Macmillan, 289 p. 9781137529107