Young Consumers – Editor’s special issue on CTC 2012

Volume 15, Number 1, 2014

Editorial – Brian Young

Young people as company stakeholders? Moving beyond CSR… – Valérie-Inés de La Ville

Strategies of children and parents during shopping for groceries – Vanessa Haselhoff , Ulya Faupel , Hartmut H. Holzmüller

Big demand(s), small supply – Muslim children in Italian school canteens: a cultural perspective – Roberta Giovine

Snack market on the playground: an ethnography of trade patterns of snacks among French children – Géraldine Comoretto

Healthy and unhealthy food in Italian television ads for adults and children – Francesca Romana Puggelli , Mauro Bertolotti

Social standing and quality labels – what influences parental decision-making? – Ulya Faupel , Vanessa Haselhoff , Miriam Ziesak , Hartmut H. Holzmüller

Ideological dilemmas: constructing motherhood through caring consumption in Japan – Mayumi Takahashi

A lifestyle analysis of young consumers: a study in Italian context – Giuseppe Santisi , Silvia Platania , Zira Hichy