Dear CTC members,

To begin with, we wish you a happy, healthy, and Virus free 2022. Let’s hope we can gather together in Madrid this year for the next CTC conference.

However, a piece of unfortunate news clouds our wishes this year. With deep sorrow and great emotion, we inform you that our ex-colleague, Maxine JOHNSON passed away on December 26, 2021, after battling a very aggressive cancer.

She occupied the research assistant position at the European Centre for Children’s Products CEPE-IAE at the University of Poitiers for 12 years. She played a significant role in creating and developing the Child and Teen Consumption community network during her term. As a valued member of the community, she was always accessible on the platform to answer queries from other members. Familiar with all the members of the steering committee of CTC, she played a vital role in guiding and transmitting information to academics wishing to organize the CTC conference at their universities. Not only did she participate in various CTC conferences, but she also hugely contributed to organizing CTC conferences held in Angouleme.

Her death is an unexpected shock for all of us. None has ever thought that a living soul would depart so soon. Highly appreciated by all, she will remain in our memory for her generous personality, her incredible dedication, and loyalty, but also for her good humor and warm and radiant smile. On behalf of all of us here at the European Centre for Children’s Products CEPE-IAE, we offer Maxine’s family and friends our most heartfelt condolences and sympathy at this difficult time.

Her funeral ceremony will be held in England in strict family privacy on Friday, January 7, at 2:45 p.m. (Local time). If you wish to write a condolence message, we propose collecting them and conveying them to her husband and daughters. Maxine specifically asked for a ceremony without flowers or wreaths. But she invited each of us to kindly donate to a fund for research into gynecological cancer that took her away. If you wish to donate, you will find the link hereafter:


On behalf of the administrative and teaching staff of CEPE-IAE of Poitiers,