Hello to all CTC community members,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Anita BHATIA NICOLAS. I work as a research assistant at CEPE European Center for Children’s Products – University of Poitiers – in Angouleme.

I have taken over from Ms. Maxine Johnson, who had occupied this position for the last 12 years. Pleased to join this team, I aim to revive this community, which has been lying dormant since the departure of Ms. Johnson and because of the Covid pandemic. Unfortunately, it caused the cancellation of the CTC conference in June 2020 in Philadelphia. The situation seems to be taking a turn for the better now and we hope that we will give new opportunities this year to gather and work together.

With Inés DE LA VILLE, we wish you a peaceful and sanitized New Year 2021 !

I also take this opportunity to solicit your contribution in restoring the interdisciplinary dialogue between researchers and professionals on children, youth, and consumption cultures, that this platform has always guaranteed. Henceforth, please feel free to share your recent publications (books, journal articles, research papers, research projects, etc.) so that other members can update themselves on the new research being carried out and exchange views and ideas on various research topics.