We are contacting you today urgently because we have important information to relay on this platform. This is about the “Future Play Design Challenge”.

The CEPE-IAE de Poitiers was recently invited to participate and promote the edition 2021 of FUTURE PLAY DESIGN CHALLENGE. In partnership with LEGO Ventures, a Danish startup, CoC Playful Minds, has launched a global design challenge for entrepreneurs within the market of playful learning. This challenge aims to encourage entrepreneurs to practice ethical co-creation with children and involve them in design activities.

The theme of 2021 is “Ethically co-creating the next generation of social digital play with children aged 3-16 years”.

The winner will receive a 6-months’ customized mentorship with CoC Playful Minds and LEGO Ventures, who will help the winner build competences and mature their concept.

If you have a winning concept, register now for their free virtual kick-off event on the 22nd of January to get all the inspiration and information you need to embark on this exciting adventure!

Website: www.futureplaydesignchallenge.com