Taking a global and interdisciplinary approach, Children and Media explores the role of modern media, including the internet, television, mobile media and video games, in the development of children, adolescents, and childhood.

  • Primer to global issues and core research into children and the media integrating work from around the world
  • Comprehensive integration of work that bridges disciplines, theoretical and research traditions and methods
  • Covers both critical/qualitative and quantitative approaches to the topic

Table of Contents

Preface xi

Companion Website xv

Introduction 1

1 Media and Children at Home 13

2 Media and Individual Development 38

3 Media, Learning, and Literacy 72

4 Media and Health-related Behaviors 98

5 Media and Perceptions of Self and Society 135

6 Media, Sociality, and Participation 176

7 Media Literacy Education 195

8 Policy and Advocacy 208

Conclusions: Growing Up with Media 233

References 243

Index 268