3rd International Colloquium on Kids and Retailing: “Wellbeing of the child”

Bordeaux, France, 15th–16th June 2017


‘Wellbeing of the child’

This Colloquium aimed to provide insights from contributors into defining Kids and Retailing as a developing research subject area and provide a forum to share this body of knowledge between academics, and between academics and practitioners.The ambition of the 3rd colloquium was to continue the exploration of Kids and Retailing research by examining the wellbeing of the child in the field of retailing and the role of retailers in enhancing children’s wellbeing and its psychological, physical, emotional and social dimensions.

The specific context of the colloquium was to explore jointly companies’ actions conveying positive improvement to the person’s life whilst encouraging the involvement of children in the retail place, supposedly synonymous with abundance yet possible negative consequences. The purpose of the colloquium was then to debate the “bright” and “dark” side of retailing directed to young consumers, often considered a particularly vulnerable population. It was also to consider how the stakeholders involved in retailing might promote marketing practices in favour of both children’s wellbeing and retailers’ performance.

Elected in 2017 the most attractive city of the world by Lonely Planet and French number 1 city for its quality of life (PwC, 2016), Bordeaux was the ideal setting to present and discuss current and relevant research in this topical subject at the initiative of ESSCA’s Research Lab. in Retailing and NovaChild Innovation Network for Children.

A Special Issue of the International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management from papers presented at the Colloquium will be produced (see the Call for Papers for more information).

Contents focus

Papers on all topics related to the research and practice for child consumers’ wellbeing and retailing processes were welcome. The topics may include, but were not limited to:

  • Children socialisation process throughout the retail environment
  • Retail brand influence on nutritional learning
  • Children’s relationship to retailer brand
  • Understanding today’s children’s mindset and motivations for retail activities
  • Understanding young consumer behaviour in the retail process,
  • Ethical and societal issues throughout the retail supply process such as sexualisation of children or the purchase incentive
  • Responsible consideration of retailing in food waste
  • Retail process including population with low purchasing power
  • Retail assistance of children poverty
  • Contribution of collaborative retailing on children wellbeing
  • Health, food wellbeing
  • The impact of packaging of children wellbeing
  • Over sollicitation of the retail environment and childhood obesity
  • Influence of materialism on wellbeing in the retail context
  • Development of the link between charity and retailers for the child wellbeing
  • Retailers’ fight against social exclusion
  • Young consumers’ rights in the retail process
  • Retailing in a multicultural word: interplay of ethnic consumption and wellbeing
  • Risks of shopping online for children