The 2015 Asia-Pacific Association for Consumer Research Conference was co-hosted by the University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong in Hong Kong. It was held at the Business School Building in the Chinese University of Hong Kong from Friday, 19th June to Sunday, 21st June 2015.

The theme of AP-ACR 2015 was “Vibrant Integration”. Recent years have witnessed the rapid development in digital technologies and their commercial applications. Such developments have unavoidably brought substantial changes to consumer behavior, which have been re-shaping consumer decision-making and consumption culture. This conference encouraged the submission and discussion of research with the vibrant integration of diversified perspectives, methods, and topics, aligned with the evolvement in consumer behavior in the new era. This theme also fitted well with the hosting place. Hong Kong is well-known for its integration of diverse races, languages, and cultures, which creates an energetic and exciting social and economic environment in this city. All in all, we were delighted to host a conference with such vibrant integration of ideas and methods.

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