Theme 2 « Markets, Consumer Cultures, Autonomy and migrations »

Theme 2 “Markets, Consumer Cultures, Autonomy and migrations”

Directors: Valérie-Inés de LAVILLE (Cerege) and Nelly ROBIN (Migrinter)

This axis brings together teams of researchers in the social and legal sciences dealing with four research programmes at complementary levels of analysis: Macro (regulation and supervisory policies), Meso (Corporate Social Responsibility, organizations, market strategies) and Micro (cognitive performance, psycho- physiological indicators, life narratives, biographies, consumer behaviour).

  • Financial risks and new regulations (Daniel Goyeau – Crief and Sophie Nivoix – Cerege): this programme aims to develop an analysis of the economic and financial integration process drawing on the transformation of the financial system and its implications in terms of evaluation and management of financial assets as well as in terms of public policy that regulates markets and their actors.
  • Markets, cultures and societies (Valérie-Inès de La Ville – Cerege and François Bobrie – Ceres): this programme seeks to highlight the dynamics of the consumer goods market and the commodification of everyday life since the XIX° century till now, in the perspective of a general and interdisciplinary anthropology of market places.
  • Preservation of the autonomy of seniors (Michel Audiffren – Cerca and Romuald Bodin – Gresco): the purpose of the PRAUSE research programme is to examine the influence of individual as well as social factors regarding the preservation of the autonomy of seniors (55 years old and over) who are not living in dedicated institutions.
  • Territories of minors in mobility and Human Rights (Nelly Robin – IRD-Migrinter and Daniel Senovilla Hernandez – Migrinter-Pucafreu): this research programme addresses the migration of minors, in considering the aspects of autonomy and emancipation, and seeks to improve the knowledge about sub-Saharan mobility, foster dialogue between researchers and professionals in order to support States in defining public policies.

This theme develops research projects in partnership with companies and organizations located in the regional territory: companies of the ‘Pôle Image Magelis’ (Magelis Image Hub of Activities), the Poitiers Local Education Authority, the Regional Health Authority, Museums and Public Libraries, the National Office of Inter-professionals in Cognac, CRIIT Computing… so as to enhance a direct transfer of knowledge to actors within the territory and contribute to territorial dynamics.