5th International Child and Teen Consumption conference Food Consumption Communication, Life Styles and Fashion 12th - 14th December 2012

Conference program: 

This conference aimed to establish and continue a dialogue between specialists from a variety of academic disciplines in order to explore the phenomenon of children and teens as consumers in today's society.

During the two and a half days research was presented on the position of children and youth in consumer society, how children and young people develop their consumer competence and develop as consumers in general. The emphasis is on creating an inter- and multi-disciplinary discussion exploring and articulating ideas from historical, sociological, managerial and other social science perspectives.

The more specific aim of this conference was to strengthen the interdisciplinary approach of the conference by arranging sessions more thematically, as can be seen below, in particular on Food Consumption with a particular emphasis on Food, Communication, Life Style and Fashion consumption practices and behaviors involving children, adolescents and parents. The goal was to explore and stress the conflicts within the fields, to question the linearity of consumption and to highlight the double-sidedness of child and youth consumption. In this way we hoped to create meeting points in single sessions between theory, methodology, regulation and everyday practices. Furthermore, we aimed to highlight and address theoretical issues such as class, gender, ethnicity and consumer/marketing theories within consumption research. These perspectives were established through the keynote speakers and were elaborated on further and ran as a continuum through different sessions, presentations, individual papers as well as in coffee break discussions and evening talks.

Themes of the conference:
• Children and Teens in a Consumption Society
• Children, Youth and Consumerism
• Young Peoples Consumption
• Children, Teens and Parents as Consumers
• State Regulation NGO and the Self Regulating Market
• Advertising & Children and Youth
• Capitalism and the Commodification of Play
• Postmodernism and Media Consumption
• Childrens and Teens Media Culture
• Globalization, Regionalization and Individualization in Consumption Practices
• Consumer Education
• Consumption and Gender Identity
• Creating Consumer Citizens
• Branding Market, Children and Youth
• What is New about New Media in Consumer Society?
• Age and Consumption: Growing up a Consumer
• Consuming Tradition or Changing the Future?
• Childrens Bodies and Consumption
• Obesity: is Food Consumption a Child or Family Issue?
• Food Stuff: the Meaning of Representation
• Consuming Sustainable Consumption
• Food, Advertising, and Health

The Conference included keynote speakers, parallel sessions with chairs and appointed commentators, and poster sessions.

For this 5th edition of Child and Teen Consumption there was also a PhD & Master Students pre-conference Workshop  entitled "Research on Child & Teens Consumption. Present and Future Perspectives".

For further information: http://www.ctc2012.org/


Scientific commitee: 

Paolo Moderato - Chair of the Institute of Consumption, Behavior and Organizational Communication “G.P. Fabris” and Co-Chair of ctc2012 (IULM University of Milan, Italy)

Vincenzo Russo - Chair of ctc2012 (IULM University of Milan, Italy)

Alberto Abruzzese (IULM University of Milan, Italy)

Nello Barile (IULM University of Milan, Italy)

Anna Emila Berti (University of Padua, Italy)

Anna Silvia Bombi (University La Sapienza, Roma, Italy)

David Buckingham (Loughborough University, United Kingdom)

Vanni Codeluppi (Modena and Reggio Emilia University, Italy)

Daniel T. Cook (Rutgers University of New Jersey, USA)

Helga Dittmar (University of Sussex, United Kingdom)

Mauro Ferraresi (IULM University of Milan, Italy)

Stephen Kline (Simon Fraser University, Canada)

Michel Manson (Université Paris XIII, France)

Lydia Martens (Keele Univeristy, United Kingdom)

Anna Oliverio Ferraris (University La Sapienza, Roma, Italy)

Nadia Olivero (Bicocca University, Italy)

Pierluigi Sacco (IULM University of Milan, Italy)

Anna Sparrman (Linköping University, Sweden)

Valérie-Inés de la Ville (University of Poitiers, France)

Brian Young (Chief Editor of the Journal Young Consumers, United Kingdom)

Conference contributors: 

Organizing Committee:

Massimo Bustreo - Chair (IULM University of Milan, Italy)

Davide Moro - Project Manager (IULM Alumni, Italy)

Nicolò Stevanato - Project Manager (IULM Alumni, Italy)

Ada Cattaneo (IULM University of Milan, Italy)

Maxine Johnson (University of Poitiers, France)

Simona Ironico (Modena and Reggio Emilia University, Italy)

Maurizio Mauri (IULM University of Milan, Italy)

Ariela Mortara (IULM University of Milan, Italy)

Maria Angela Polesana (IULM University of Milan, Italy)