The University of Calgary - Announcement – Post-Doctoral Appointment


The Canada Research Chair in Food Marketing, Policy and Children's Health – in cooperation with the Calgary Institute for the Humanities

The University of Calgary


The Canada Research Chair (Canadian Institutes for Health Research) in Food Marketing, Policy and Children’s Health explores the relationship between food communication (marketing, packaging and policy) and children’s health.  The research of the Chair addresses types of foods targeted to children, its nutritional quality, and associated symbolic marketing. 

The Calgary Institute for the Humanities fosters advance research in a broad range of subject areas.  The “humanities” are understood to include all forms of study that examines what is human – typically guided by literature, history, social/cultural and physical settings, artefact, visual and performing arts.  One of the strategic research projects at the Institute is “Health, Society and the Humanities.”


The Canada Research Chair in Food Marketing, Policy and Children’s Health and the Calgary Institute for the Humanities invite applications for a postdoctoral appointment to be held at the Institute for a twelve-month period beginning July 1, 2013.  The term of the fellowship will be for one year, with the possibility of renewal.

The appointment provides an innovative research opportunity for a scholar who recently completed doctoral studies appropriate to doing advanced study in food marketing, policy, and children’s health (for example, a degree in communication, sociology, marketing, health promotion). The successful candidate will contribute to ongoing grant projects. Among other things, s/he will be centrally involved in analyzing data from focus groups, preparing literature reviews and reports, and assisting with current media/nutrition literacy initiatives for Alberta school curriculum.  Skills in assessing qualitative research data are essential. 

The post-doctoral appointee will have an office at the Humanities Institute and access to University libraries resources.  They will be expected to share their research in a public lecture and in an in-house seminar, and to involve themselves in the community of scholars working at the Institute. The support of the Chair and Institute’s will be acknowledged in all oral and written presentations that result from this post-doctoral appointment.  The stipend is $50,000 Canadian plus benefits, as well as a research allowance of $5,000 Canadian.


Candidates must have the doctorate degree conferred by July 1, 2013.  Individuals can only be appointed to the end of their 5th year post-Ph.D.  The University of Calgary respects, appreciates and encourages diversity.

Application Procedure

An electronic PDF version of the application will include: (i) a curriculum vitae; (ii) names/contact information of five scholars whose opinions the Institute may seek; (iii) a 5-page statement of scholarly expertise demonstrating research capacity in food marketing, policy and children’s health; and (iv) a descriptive title and abstract of 150 words of relevant research expertise directed to an interdisciplinary adjudication committee.

Deadline and Contact Information:  May 31, 2013.

The Calgary Institute for the Humanities, the University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2N 1N4; (telephone – 403-220-7238; fax – 403-282-7822; email –  See also: