Framing Internet Safety. The Governance of Youth Online - Nathan W. Fisk - 2016 - MIT Press




Author: Nathan W. Fisk

An examination of youth Internet safety as a technology of governance, seen in panics over online pornography, predators, bullying, and reputation management.

In this nuanced and thoughtful book, Nathan Fisk carefully sifts through the headlines, 'expert' commentary, and evidence to explore how Internet safety has become a key site of struggle over the power to determine children's opportunities and to control their agency.

Invisible Children. Re-imagining International Development at the Grassroots - 2016 - Palgrave Macmillan




Authors: Ajmera, Maya, Fields, Gregory A.

Children's Virtual Play Worlds - Anne Burke & Jackie Marsh


Children’s virtual play worlds

YOUNG CONSUMERS - Editor's Special Issue on the CTC 2012 International Conference




Young Consumers - Editor’s special issue on CTC 2012

Volume 15, Number 1, 2014



Editorial - Brian Young

Young people as company stakeholders? Moving beyond CSR… - Valérie-Inés de La Ville

Strategies of children and parents during shopping for groceries - Vanessa Haselhoff , Ulya Faupel , Hartmut H. Holzmüller

Big demand(s), small supply – Muslim children in Italian school canteens: a cultural perspective - Roberta Giovine

International Journal of Advertising **Special Issue** « Children and Advertising » (forthcoming)


The International Journal of Advertising is planning a forthcoming special issue devoted to Children and Advertising. The primary goal of this special issue is to enhance current knowledge pertaining to the interface of advertising and children. Authors have been strongly encouraged to submit interdisciplinary workthat embraces theories and methods from diverse disciplines such as psychology, anthropology, sociology, marketing, mass communication, and media & broadcasting.

Editors of the special issue:

Advances in Communication Research to Reduce Childhood Obesity - Jerome D. Williams, Keryn E. Pasch, Chiquita A. Collins (Eds.), 2012


Advances in Communication Research to Reduce Childhood Obesity focuses not only on the power of media in driving food choices in youth, but how these same media may be harnessed in reversing the obesity epidemic.

Situating Child Consumption Rethinking values and notions of children, childhood and consumption - Anna Sparrman, Bengt Sandin & Johanna Sjöberg (eds.)


How do children understand issues of work, marketing, money and scarcity? In Situating Child Consumption the contributors offer a provocative stance rethinking values and notions of children, childhood and consumption.

The Routledge International Handbook of Children, Adolescents and Media (forthcoming)


This handbook analyses a broad range of complementary areas of study, including children as media consumers, children as active participants in media making, and representations of children in the media.

The handbook presents a collection that spans a variety of disciplines including developmental psychology, media studies, public health, education, feminist studies and the sociology of childhood. Essays provide a unique intellectual mapping of current knowledge, exploring the relationship of children and media in local, national, and global contexts

Du lien marchand Comment le marché fait société - Franck COCHOY (dir.)


Contrairement à ce que l’on croit souvent, le marché ne fait pas que dissoudre des liens mais en crée de nouveaux. Partout, communautés de clients, sites de rencontre, régulations marchandes, cartes de fidélité, cadeaux d’entreprise, associations professionnelles, outils du marketing viral, réseaux sociaux électroniques, contrats commerciaux, inventent et font proliférer des formes de liens inédites à partir de la rencontre entre les partenaires de l’échange.

4th Global Conference on Childhood - 17th- 19th July 2014


This inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary conference project will take place at Mansfield College in Oxford, UK, from the 17th to the 19th July 2014. It seeks to investigate and explore all aspects of childhood. The nature of childhood and its significance as a separate phase of life is viewed quite differently in different cultures and in different historical eras. This conference will look at all aspects of the experience of childhood as well as the social, cultural, historical and psychological perceptions of children and childhood.


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