Tweening the girl : The crystallization of the Tween Market - Nathalie Coulter


Tweening the Girl challenges the argument that the tween market began in the mid-1990s. It was actually during the 1980s that young girls were given the label «tweens» and were heralded by marketers, and subsequently the news media, as one of «capitalism’s most valuable customers». Tweening the Girl expertly traces the emergence of the tween during this era as she slowly became known to the consumer marketplace as a lucrative customer, market, and audience.

"L'Enfant et ses cultures - Approches internationales" edited by Sylvie Octobre and Régine Sirota


Comment les enfants reçoivent-ils, consomment-ils ou fabriquent-ils de la culture ? Est-il aussi sérieux de se pencher sur les poupées, les jeux vidéo ou les écrans numériques que sur la littérature enfantine ? Peut-on envisager les pratiques culturelles en ignorant l’enfance en tant que cible publicitaire ?

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